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    Potable water service truck

    model : ZT30CQS
    application : We can supply different kinds of chassis, such as ISUZU light trucks, JMC light trucks or other domestic and foreign brand commercial chassis which can meet load carrying capacity and other technical conditions
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    Portable Water Service truck is designed to withstand the airport complex enviroment, We can provide three types: 

    ZT30CQS,ZT40CQS,ZT50CQS to meet different requirements.


    Chassis: ISUZU

    Water tank capacity: 3000L

    Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)         -   6475×2100×2220mm

    Lift platform rising range           -   400mm----2800 mm

    Ground clearance                     -   340mm

    Capacity of the platform             -   100kg

    Shipping weight                      -   3500kg

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